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How did you come up with the idea to create Blasphemy® the board game?

Way back in the early ‘80s, my family decided that instead of purchasing Christmas gifts for one another, we’d have to make gifts for each other.  Twenty-some-odd years later, I placed Blasphemy® underneath the tree.


$99.99!  What’s that about?

Relax.  It’s worth every shekel.  The manufactured components for the game are both unique and top of the line.  If you treat the game properly, it should easily last well over two thousand years.  And look on the bright side: Compared to what Client 9 was spending, the game costs much less than $4,500, and play time lasts longer than an hour.


I would like an autographed copy of the game.   Is this possible?

Yes.  Google Checkout allows you to send messages regarding your order.  Upon ordering the game, include the request.  Or, simply send us an e-mail at


Why is the game so, um … large?

Big story.  Larger than life characters.  Mythical and magical events dating back thousands of years.  Big game.


How can I contact the creator of Blasphemy®?


My game arrived and some game components were missing or damaged.  What do I do now?

E-mail us at  We’ll replace any component of the game that is missing or damaged.


Should I worry about my kids getting a hold of Blasphemy®?

No.  You have more important things to worry about.


Opening the game box, I was overwhelmed!  This game looks complicated.  Is it?

Here is an approach I recommend:

  • Drink! It’s very important. Red wine, white wine, martinis, or any such cocktail will do.   In addition, listen to requiems during game play.
  • Don’t let all the pieces, cards, and rules throw you.  We’ve tried to keep the game simpler than actual Christian doctrine, but probably should have set the bar a bit higher.   (We are also working on a New Revised Standard Version of the rules).
  • Read through the Historical Overview.  You’ll find it rooted in something resembling historical accuracy, but with a few interpretive twists.
  • Spread out the game cloth to see the various "stations" of the game that correspond to the places of Jesus’ life in the Gospels.
  • Read through a number of game cards.  There are different sets for the Baptism, the Wilderness (Vision cards), and the Ministry (Marketplace/Camel, Synagogue/Scroll, Galilee/Fish, and Countryside/Apple).  You’ll see the tricky situations that each Jesus may find H/himself in.
  • To set up the rest of the game, including all the Ministry Tiles, follow the Golden Rule guidebook "Blasphemy® Guide to the Beginning."
  • To play the game, follow the subsequent Golden Rule guidebooks in numerical order, beginning with "Blasphemy® Guide to the Baptism."  But even if you don’t have time to play, no worries.  You’ll still have a good smattering of the fun, the game play, and the social commentary.

Is there a 2nd edition of Blasphemy® in the works?

Yes.  The 2nd edition will be called (what else), Blasphemy® (the Second Coming).


Are there other games in the pipeline for Pinstripe Publishing right now?

Yes.  Plenty.  It’s an exciting time for us right now. 


Is there a chance that Pinstripe Publishing would consider designing, manufacturing, or publishing a game that I created?